Rules, rules, rules

At the request of several party attendees I thought it would be a good idea to post the list of Dungeon V play party rules.  I pretty much copied the rules observed by Club-X because their experiences over the years has helped them create a rule set that allows plenty of fun and restricts only certain activities.  The rules below reflect the spirit of the Club-X rule list.
Dungeon Monitors are either not identified by attire or are wearing light gray tee shirts bearing the words “DUNGEON MONITOR,” and the Dungeon V logo.



2. You are responsible for cleanup of your play area.  Please use a tarp or drop cloth if necessary.  Leave a safe and clean space for the next guest.  Cleaning supplies and disposal units are provided.

3.  Respect others and their property.  Do not interrupt or enter a scene without permission.

4.  Remember, NO means NO.  Do not touch people or things without express permission to do so.

5. The decision of any dungeon monitor is final.  Members not responding to a dungeon monitor’s instructions shall be removed from the premises and NOT allowed to return.  No refunds shall be given.

6.  Smoking is not allowed anywhere inside the building.  Please use the smoking tent and do not smoke outside the main entrance.

7.  Offering or agreeing to perform or performing any act of prostitution or solicitation of prostitution is strictly forbidden.  If approached for these purposes, please report this immediately to a dungeon monitor.

9.  Cell phones may not be used inside the dungeon.

10.  Consult with a Dungeon Monitor or the Dungeon Master before engaging in any of the following activities:

  • Hoods and masks intended for use in breath play.

  • Knives and scalpels.

  • Wax play. Candles must be in a glass container with the glass taller than the flame, similar to a religious candle.  Ensure you have a fire extinguisher and a wet cloth towel next to the scene.  You must supply your own fire blanket. Wax must be contained with a tarp or a drop cloth big enough to cover your play area.

  • “Edge play”.  (If you have any doubts or questions about what this entails, please speak to the Dungeon Master whose decisions are final.).

11.  The following items and activities are not allowed at this event:

  • Alcoholic beverages.

  • Illegal substances of any type, including “poppers.”  If a staff member deems that a person is behaving inappropriately as a result of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, the person under the influence will be removed from the premises and not allowed to return.

  • Vaginal/penile penetrative sex.

  • Strap on play or anal penetration.

  • Photos, video, or audio recording of any kind. (Dungeon monitors performing official duties are an exception).

  • Intrusive odors, such as sage, incense or strong perfume.

  • Water sports.

  • Scat.

  • Fire play.

  • Breath play in any form or anything that appears to be breath play, including but not limited to, covering mouth or nose, strangulation, choke holds, carotid and arterial compression.

  • Whips longer than six feet.

  • Guns, firearms or explosives (real or simulated).

12.  The use of safe words or signals is required.  If you do not have your own, may we suggest:

  • Green – All is Well

  • Yellow – Caution, back up

  • Red – Stop now, the scene is OVER!

  • In the event the bottom is gagged or otherwise unable to speak you must establish nonverbal safe words.  One option is have the bottom hold an object in his or her hand which if released indicates the activity must be stopped and the gag or speech restraint appliance removed immediately.

13.  Have fun and enjoy the party!

Dungeon V

Dungeon V is a new rental dungeon and studio available for individual rental by the hour.  We also host parties in our 2400 square foot facility in Mira Mesa.  Check the Events tab for details.